• Aleksandra Antevska

Spring 2019 Theme: Direct Realisation & Healing Patterns

Hi Yogis, Aleksandra here, I am absolutely buzzing about diving deep into our new theme. We're talking about awakening, direct-realisation, waking up. What does this mean and how can our practice help support us on this path?

We're also taking this opportunity to look at the habitual patterns formed in our body due to our lifestyle, how we can heal them and form more functional patterns of movement?

Firstly, let me introduce you to my friend and mentor, Kara-Leah Grant. Kara- Leah is a direct realisation tantra teacher, an author and facilitator. We sat down and discussed our theme in a Facebook live, here is the video if you missed out. Here are a few key points to our discussion which we will look at over the weeks to come.

Visit to learn more about her, classes, coaching and 1on1 healing.

1. Yoga is the union of the observer, the observed and the act of observation. Our Yoga asana and pranayama practice is a tool to facilitate this union.

2. Observing the breath and body (the observed) ultimately allows our attention or consciousness (the observer) to come in to the body (union) creating the experience of embodiment (observation). This is embodiment.

3. In order for us to be able to feel and be in our bodies, they have to be healthy and pain free (thanks Sauca). When our bodies are in pain or we perceive threat, when we enter into fight/flight/freeze/please, we are not present. This can STORE the traumatic experience in our tissues, to be experienced later.

4. We have patterns that we store in the body and the subconscious or unconscious mind. Some of these are still helpful, some will hinder us, some will harm us.

5. To realise the Self, we realise who we are not. Are we the anger we are observing? Is there an old pattern playing out that is no longer useful? Can we feel and release that sensation and be open to new possibilities? What is a healthier pattern we can adopt for our growth and evolution?

Second, let's take a look at the physical component of our theme. Due to our modern lifestyle, we spend a lot of time seated hunched forward while we work, eat or while we are being entertained. As a result certain parts of our body become underdeveloped and weak, while their counterparts become short and tight.

To correct these patterns our movement becomes more healthy and functional, more conducive to health, happiness and contribution. We will practice Asana that help to strengthen the abdominals and back body and that open our shoulders and front body.

Finally, we have our last Yoga, Food and Piha mini-retreats on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of September, 9am to 50pm, 2 yoga sessions, 2 meals and a cooking demonstration set in a beautiful house overlooking the ocean. . Only a few spots left, book now on

Spring Timetable:

Mondays- 6.15pm Beginners Yoga, 7.30pm Open Vinyasa @

Tuesdays- 6.30pm Vinyasa Yoga, 7.45pm Yin Yoga @

Wednesdays- 7.15 Yoga @

Fridays- 6pm Yoga @

Sundays- 11.30am Yoga @ 5pm Yoga @

I look forward to discovering and evolving with you on the mat!

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