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What Is The Buzz About?

Because life is supposed to feel (mostly) amazing. The Yoga Buzz is all about feeling good. That's already solved half of our problems or at the very least, has put us in a much better position to figure them out. 


High vibe living is everything that feels good in the moment AND contributes to a better tomorrow, that includes yoga, mindfulness, nourishing food, connection, environmentally conscious living and healthy pampering.


I, Aleksandra have dedicated a decade of my life incorporating the latest ideas, tried and tested knowledge and practices into my everyday life. I’ve figured out that what also feels good for us, what is good for our future and the planet we live on, seem to be one in the same. 


Now I’m here to help to assist others into making changes and forming daily habits for high vibes as well as providing delicious yoga classes.


I'm not a health practitioner, or a personal trainer, I'm not going to write you a prescription or programme. What I can do is help you understand the research and implement changes needed, particularly if you already have a programme or perception! I can empower and assist you to carry on with these habits long after we work together.  Here are some examples: 

  • Growing your own greens 

  • Healthy, fast meals at home 

  • Healthy food shop (I can do this for you!)

  • Plastic free shopping and storing food

  • Zero waste lifestyle changes

  • Brewing Kombucha at home

  • Raw chocolate and raw sweet treats 

  • Reducing sugar

  • Intermittent fasting 

  • Detoxing and juicing at home

  • Cellulite detoxing

  • Home yoga practice 

  • Meditation and mindfulness 

  • Uplifting morning routines 

  • Journaling & Visualisation

  • Using astrology and moon cycles 

Making mango cheesecake. Without the cheese. Cause I can
Celebratory stack! ✔️oats ✔️coconut ✔️boysenberry ✔️protein #sundays #brunch #yogioliver #cleanleanp
Raw chocolate caramel slice
Dried our garden tomatoes!
Careful when you accept my offer to make you 'curry' as it will likely be raw 😁 made with young coc
#greenjuice #winteriscoming #vitality #detox #antiinflamatory #organic #fresh #ginger #lime #orange
Apple fennel autumn slaw! With hearts 😍😊#salad #healthyfoodshare #rawfoodshare
Snow balls waiting for their raw chocolate coating 😋
Excited for a busy week of eating like a boss! #mealprepsunday
Two tone #geeensmoothie cause I didn't want my #geeens messing up my #delicious #peach and #mango ju
😍😍😍 my gratitude diary for 2016! Having one of these changed my life in 2013, missed out on getti
And strawberry-lime off to set..
Over juicing! Back on raw vegan buzz. Zucchini pasta with home made pesto. Basil and kale, sundried
Got greens_ More baby kale, lettuce and celery
3 of a beetroot per person otherwise you m
Breakfast bowl of oh my goodness
I am obsessed with creating amazing kombucha flavours and a fizz to rival champagne popping! 🍾🍾🍾
Sour cherry and coconut raw chocolate block
Layered #breakfast! Overnight #oats with #greekyoghurt and #vanilla, #cherry and #chia, topped with
Just whipped up these mini cashew, lime and strawberry cheesecakes for dessert tonight in the #Gwing
So I've been tucked away at a place called #esalen working in the kitchen and creating amazing colou
I want to write something inspirational about life giving lemons but I can't stop marvelling at thei
#hegotmeflowers #mygarden #lovesmeback #greenjuice #errday #kaleale #celery
Busy weeks remind me to enjoy the process. To do something and enjoy it rather than for the outcome
Growing food, not lawns
Cherry season 😍 🍒🍒 😍 #washington #local
8 intermittent fasting schedule so that my digestion gets a br
Sharing is caring! Made a huge batch of pineapple lime spinach and mint green smoothie and bottled f
Kombucha making time! This is my all time favourite flavour to add during the second fermentation, a
Fighting off scurvy with some seriously fresh and delicious snapper tacos
Bircher blend, one crunchy sweet and

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“Aleks balances sharing her own personal experiences with creating a positive yoga environment.”

Kim, student from Yoga West.

Aleks advised me on my first batch of Kombucha, giving me expert advice and answered my ongoing questions. She is always happy to help and the love she has for her work clearly radiates.

Sue, Kombucha one on one.

LOVED the Super Start to Sunday yesterday, thanks Aleks. Such a gorgeous relaxing studio location even in the pouring rain yesterday. A wonderful couple of hours with lovely people, delicious nourishing food and such great yoga and meditation . Highly recommend :)

Amy, mini retreat in Grey Lynn

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One last thing, this is how I live my yoga off the mat. Check out my new project Eco Mule and join me in reducing plastic waste. 

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